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Dr. Yuen-Jong Liu performs the following procedures: carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, brachial plexus reconstruction, peroneal nerve decompression, tarsal tunnel release, migraine surgery, nerve repairs, nerve transfers, microneurosurgery, and more.

Please call (203) 656-9999 for if you are interested in peripheral nerve surgery.

Before and After Photos

Hand and Wrist

  • When your hand surgeon is also a board-certified plastic surgeon, you get a minimal scar after surgery. This patient impaled her palm and transected a nerve: the common digital nerve that gave sensation to the index and middle fingers. Dr. Liu repaired the nerve and its branches to both fingers using WALANT technique: wide awake local anesthesia no tourniquet. Three months later, she regained normal feeling along both fingers and had full neurologic recovery.

  • Another successful repair by Dr. Liu! Before and after photos of a patient who underwent repair of a flexor tendon and digital nerve in the small finger that was cut by a knife. Healing was complete at 8 weeks after surgery and the patient recovered full motion, full strength, and normal sensation.

  • Before and after photos of a nerve repair in a patient who cut her hand against the sharp edge of an open metal can. After Dr. Liu debrided the traumatized and scarred segment of the digital nerve, there was a half-inch gap between the healthy normal ends of the nerve. Dr. Liu sutured a nerve graft to bridge the gap. A few months later, she regained normal feeling along the finger.

Yuen-Jong Liu, M.D.
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