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Before and After Photos


  • Before and after photos of a patient with melanoma of the right cheek. Dr. Liu excised the skin cancer and reconstructed the wound with a cheek advancement flap, which recruited surrounding skin to close the defect and minimized the aesthetic impact. Margins were clear, and she was cured of cancer.

  • Before and after photos of a patient with squamous cell cancer involving almost half of the lower lip. Dr. Liu excised the skin cancer and reconstructed the lower lip with a cross-lip flap, which transfers a segment from the upper lip to close the defect. By matching the size of the upper and lower lips, this technique minimizes the aesthetic impact and the distortion of the mouth. Margins were clear, and he was cured of cancer. He was able to eat and drink normally without drooling or leakage. The first thing he did after the reconstruction was to kiss his wife!

  • Before and after photos of a patient who was assaulted and struck in the left cheek with a blunt metal weapon. He suffered a blowout fracture of the left orbital floor, a thin facial bone that supports the eyeball to keep both eyes level. He developed double vision due to loss of support of the left eye. Dr. Liu reconstructed the left orbital floor with a custom molded titanium plate which is affixed to the cheekbone with titanium screws, as seen in the left panel. His vision returned to normal and he healed with a minimal scar, as seen in the right panel.


  • Before and after photos of a patient who underwent breast reduction surgery for large breasts causing her pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Dr. Liu surgically removed a horseshoe shaped rim of tissue from each breast and redraped the skin around each nipple and areola, thus recreating breast mounds that were smaller, aesthetically pleasing, and proportionate to her body. About 700 grams (1.5 pounds) of tissue were removed from each breast, and she was reduced from DDD cups to B cups. After the surgery, the pain of her neck, shoulders, and back resolved immediately. Her incisions healed superbly and are purposefully hidden from the cleavage area, i.e. the "social" area of the breasts. She is thrilled with the functional and aesthetic result and is one of Dr. Liu's happiest patients.


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